Mai Ezz Eldin is an Egyptian superstar who’s been acting for 20 years, has done more than 30 movies and TV shows, and was awarded “Best Actress” more than once during her acting career.

Her appearance is always special, unique, and recherché. She hasn’t appeared in a photo shoot for more than 5 years. This collaboration has been planned for months with a professional team to represent the concept of our new collection with the different looks of our superstar Mai Ezz Eldin, who represents femininity, empowerment, and success.

After the great success of Temraza’s “Evolution of the I” A/W collection and Egypt’s first fashion documentary “10 YEARS OF EVOLUTION” premiere, Temraza is thrilled to announce EVO take TWO.

The real evolution started with the launch of Temraza’s signature monogram. Temraza is the first Egyptian brand to have its own customized pattern on the fabrics. We’re doing take two of evolution one, but in a more summery freshness feeling, holding our #TEMpowrement effect, empowering all women.

Temraza’s S/S/22 collection is very feminine and light; summery but sophisticated; soft but fierce; in trendy colors: light pink, purple, green, yellow, and orange. This collection is a story of evolution in every sense; from the evolution of the product to the evolution of women in the Arab region to the apparent evolution of Egypt’s presence in the world. Celebrating this evolution with Temraza’s 10th-anniversary fashion documentary through a special premiere that took place at Cima Arkan Plaza, Cairo, Egypt, attended by a huge number of celebrities, influencers, and public figures, covered by more than 20 TV channels, with an 18 million total reach. Temraza’s monogram in EVO take1, and 2 signifies women’s empowerment while presenting 4 pyramids: the 3 existent wonder pyramids, and Temraza’s pyramid of evolution. All of the raw materials included in this collection are Temraza-made, starting with the fabric printing and hand-beading to the buttons and zippers. The sophisticated pieces represent the evolution of fashion not only in Egypt but in all the Arab region.

Collection concept: The concept of the collection is to bring back the essence of femininity.

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