The new collection designed for #TEMpowerment

Temraza is thrilled to announce the release of the “Evolution of the I” Collection, as the celebration of Temraza’s 10 years of consistency, concentration, and continuity. To really call it evolution, Temraza is finally ready to release its very own monogram.

Since one of humanity’s traits is a desire for the unique and precious, “Evolution of the I” key term is “TEMpowerment” which highlights individuality and strength, as each piece gives you the empowerment needed to evolve. This collection is a story of evolution in every sense; from evolution of the product to the evolution of women in the Arab region , to the apparent evolution of Egypt’s presence in the world.

The monogram signifies women empowerment while presenting 4 pyramids: the 3 existent pyramids wonders of the world, and Temraza’s pyramid of evolution. All of the raw materials included in this collection are Temraza made, starting with the fabric printing and hand-beading to the buttons, and zippers, the sophisticated pieces represent the evolution of the fashion not only in Egypt but in all the Arab region Collection concept: The concept of the collection is to bring back the essence of femininity to being powerful, to being independent, to being an equal, to being successful: I.E to being feminist. Often times there is a great stigma in women holding power or being feminist, to have to act a certain way, be tough, be loud etc. this video is meant to break that stigma.

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