One of Egyptian designer Farida Temraza’s creations just landed on the SAG awards red carpet! We speak to the woman of the hour to find out how her dress ended up at one of Hollywood’s biggest events of the year…

Local designer Farida Temraz has just become the first Egyptian to have their creations land at Hollywood’s Screen Actors Guild Awards, as American actress and singer Laura Bell Bundy wore a dress from the designer’s eponymous brand Temraza for the SAG pre-party yesterday January 30.

The actress, known for her role as young Sarah Whittle in Jumanji and, more recently, Shelby Sinclair in Hart of Dixie, shone in the red carpet with an original silver Temraza dress. “I couldn’t believe it when I saw her wearing it on the red carpet. I knew that she had bought it from the store in LA, but I didn’t know she would wear it at the SAG awards,” Temraz tells CairoScene. “When I saw it, I was watching the awards and said: ‘whaaat’!” she adds with excitement.

Temraz, who participated at LA Fashion Week earlier in October 2015, secured herself a spot among the world’s most cutting-edge designers, displaying her collection at a high-end showroom located in Beverly Hills. After Whittle chose her dress from The Concertcollection, Temraza was contacted by the actress’ stylist to advise on the hair style.

“This shows that when you work really hard and concentrate on the designs instead of the fashion scene, it pays off,” she says, referring to her focus on sartorial mastery and professional development. “For the past years, I have done nothing but work very hard,” she adds.

Hart of Dixie's star Laura Bell Bundy wore an original Temraza dress at the ceremony's pre party.

Featured in international magazines such as Runway, and having previously showcased at both London and Paris Fashion Weeks, the up-and-coming haute couture designer has been turning heads in the style arena, becoming one of the most prominent figures among Egypt’s young generation of fashion self-made entrepreneurs.

The silver dress chosen by the artist is part of her collection entitled The Concert. “It was a collection inspired by stage performances, so it was appealing to anyone for the red carpet,” Temraz says. “The dress has embroidery in an elegant, edgy and simple way at the same time. I like the fact that people have question marks when they see my designs, because that draws people to keep looking,” she adds.

One of the most prominent red carpet events every year, the SAG Awards were created by the Screen Actors Guild‐American Federation of Television and Radio Artists. Temraza is the first Egyptian brand to ever land the prestigious award show that hosted Hollywood figures from Queen Latifah, to Cate Blanchet, to Kate Winslet, who was nominated for her role in the movie Steve Jobs.