You can ask any designer anywhere around the world where they aspire to have their line seen. Unanimously, they will each say, New York City.

How is that even remotely possible? What about Paris, Milan, and London? They still rank among the top, but New York is still the place even those designers want to show their collection. How wonderful for this great city.

The magic, the power and the inspirational feeling one gets while being in this city during New York Fashion Week and Bridal Market Week is beyond exhilarating.  Even fellow Americans who live in the States can attest to the fact that New York City will remain the promised land for any aspiring designer.

It is no wonder then that this fashion season, countless numbers of global designers found their way to New York to show their work from all over the world.

Some are celebrated in their own homeland, with reputable business. They do well for themselves.  But the promise of prestige that New York will bring to them and their brands is all they crave. The energy felt from a designer after showing a collection can’t be described in words. I will do a feeble attempt to convey their expressions here.

Temraza, Farida Temraz represents Egypt, and has made her second presentation here in New York City during New York Fashion Week.  This young designer has definitely made her mark with her collection this season. The collection appropriately name “The Executive Collection” was inspired by strong women who are independent and exude confidence in their lives. These superlatives are present in everything she does, be it her career or her personal life. “I actually did this collection especially for New York Fashion Week” says Farida. This fierce beauty brought along another power house with her, Riham Zaghloul, a luxury jewelry brand Zagh.  Together, these two Egyptian entrepreneurs will move their way into the American fashion scene rather quickly and it’s no wonder she has already been dressing celebrities on the red carpet.

As a lover of Egypt, it is definitely heartwarming to see the impact that their presence will make on the world of business and fashion. Not to mention the positive light that will be shed on Egypt as a whole. Congratulations to both of you!