Temraza’s S/S/22 collection is very feminine and light; summery but sophisticated; soft but fierce; in trendy colors: light pink, purple, green, yellow, and orange. This collection is a story of evolution in every sense; from the evolution of the product to the evolution of women in the Arab region to the apparent evolution of Egypt’s presence in the world.


Temraza is thrilled to announce the release of the “Evolution of the I” Collection, as the celebration of Temraza’s 10 years of consistency, concentration, and continuity. To really call it evolution, Temraza is finally ready to release its very own monogram.


Known for being the most breathtaking and exquisite jewelled egg, Fabergé is a story of power, love and eccentricity. Temraza draws inspiration from this petite and extraordinary egg, mimicking the use of color and architecture. Using dazzling gemstones, fine gold, and precious silver, each piece is designed more striking than the next.

La Lumiére Darcey SS20

“La Lumiére Darcey” , SS’20 collection , has been an inspiration from the roses , not any kind but the best kind , which is called ” Darcey”. The collection colors consist of light rose and grey, gold, silver and white as the feminine and royal bridal line.


The fabrics used are full of intricate details , sophisticated material and precious embroidery. The french lace has been executed in a highly refined technique to match the inspiration of the collection and the conflict of portraying flowers in an edgy way.

iL Selvaggio

‘iL Selvaggio’ AW’19 is the resemblance of the enigmatic supremacy of women with bold fashion taste. The uniqueness of this collection hightlights the confidence and elegance of a woman.

The Legacy Returns SS ‘19

“The Legacy Returns” collection upholds the Egyptian heritage through the cuts, fabrics to create a distinctive style with a bridal twist. The collection signifies strong personalities of women and empowerment. The color palette mixes between Black, White and Gold as apparent colors while including.

Femme Formidable SS'19

“Femme Formidable” SS19 collection is a symbol of a confident , elegant women who aims for a bright future regardless of the challenges she meets.

Prêt-à-TEMRAZA  AW' 18-19

Prêt-à-TEMRAZA is a new line by TEMRAZA constructed of outfits suitable for parties and gala dinners.

This line is a blend of high end essence of Haute Couture with cocktail dresses and party outfits by making modern edgy cuts with appealing Fabrics.

This line is made for powerful women who don’t compromise their fashion appeal.

To Love and To Hold AW ‘19

“To Love & To Hold” is inspired by the two extremes of life and vows: Happiness & Sadness, Love and Hatred, White and Black. The collection reflects a previously hopeless perspective on romance, tuned into a passionate stance, felt throughout the cuts & fabrics to create a distinctive style with a bridal twist and theme. The collection signifies the designer’s new fully found belief in love and romance. The colour palette mixes between Black & White, signifying these two extremes.

Tropics Resort ‘17

“Tropics” is Temraza’s 2017 Resort collection. Made in rich, & brilliant silks & chiffons to accommodate brisk & lavish summer days.

T Denim Couture ‘17

“T – DENIM” – Temraza’s Haute Couture collection, is a revolution created in Denim. Temraza prides itself on fashion innovation and taking risks. That is why Temraza made this collection the first in haute couture history to be created fully in Denim. This collection is eco-friendly, high quality denim & features fashion forward cuts, embellishments, & Temraza’s signature embroidery design. The campaign is led by notable Middle Eastern figures, Dorra Zarrouk, Amina Khalil, Salma Abu Deif, & Malak El Husseiny.

The Xecutive AW ‘17

“The Xecutive” A/W ‘17 collection revolves around women empowerment and celebrates their success and independence. In this showcase, every single detail is done by women, for women, and to women. Gathering between their tight schedules and them wanting to look good, Temraza smoothly blends in to fit into their lives making them look elegant and confident all day.

Rise of the Pharaohs SS ‘17

The “Rise of the Pharaohs” is Temraza’s SS 2017 Collection. With the designer’s roots in Cairo, it’s no wonder that the inspiration for this collection, came from Pharaohs and ancient Egyptians. This collection not only shows the authenticity of the Egyptian culture, but it also highlights their modernized aesthetic in the world of fashion. The colors from the collection are reminiscent of the ancient Pharaohs, yet the cuts, shape and movement are perfect for true fashionistas and fashion forward individuals. The collection not only gives homage to its cultural roots, but more importantly, it symbolizes strength and femininity of women.

The Concert SS ‘16

Temraza’s Spring/Summer 16 Collection is called “The Concert”, an inspiration of all the famous concerts taking place in Los Angeles. “The Concert” collection is an exhibition of evening dresses highlighting bridal wear with the thematic twist, which can be worn for performances by famous singers, and include the movement of the dresses in their dancing choreography on the stage. The designs include precious embroidery, fine material, and intricate details which will illuminate and highlight the dresses for massive audience, such in concerts. Creative fashion and music are the nearest forms of expressing the inexpressible, after silence.

Once Upon à Paris AW ‘16

Temraza exhibited its Autumn/Winter 15-16 collection in Paris Fashion Week. Temraza’s FW’15 Collection “Once Upon À Paris” is an inspiration of the Moulin Rouge and Lido characters and costumes.

Le Millésime Futuriste SS ‘15

Temraza’s debut collection for London Fashion Week combined the refined classiness of the vintage with an edgy futuristic, & fashion forward twist to create the first Egyptian collection to debut internationally.

TEMRAZA Princess Collection Launch 

TEMRAZA Princess is our  newest line featuring kids collection that presents unique and luxurious dress designs suitable for girls attending a fancy event. This line is created by the same fabrics and materials used in our haute couture line full of intricate details.