Milan, Italy

You’re the heart of the collection, the light that shines among the darkness.

Following the message of empowering women, Temraza has created a collection that shows women empowerment from different edges, featuring elegance, strength, and sophistication.

Which has been showcased in the city of fashion: Milan, Italy

The “Rebirth” collection by Temraza revolves around the concept of black being the strongest color. It has been proven that black has the power to complement all colors and directions, making it a versatile and commanding choice. This collection symbolizes a new beginning, a rebirth, and showcases the resilience and power of women.

Women are the heart of the collection representing the light that shines in the darkest moments. Temraza has always embraced pearls in their designs, and this collection is no exception. The use of signature pearls and cutouts adds an edge of luxury and femininity to each piece.

Temraza S24 18
Temraza S24 20

Temraza’s “Rebirth” collection is a testament to the brand’s commitment to empowering women and celebrating their strength. With its powerful use of black, signature pearls, and innovative design techniques, this collection is set to make a bold statement in the fashion industry by using only

One Fabric | One Color | One Stone | Made for all women.

Bringing Egyptian talents together, TEMRAZA collaborates with finest Egyptian jewelry brand IRAM, This collaboration not only underlines the creative synergy between the two Egyptian brands but also emphasizes the country’s rich cultural heritage and its contribution to the global fashion landscape. 

 This partnership’s aim is to inspire and empower aspiring Egyptian designers and artists to explore international opportunities, succeeding in TEMRAZA’s mission of bringing Egypt back to the global fashion map.


Furthermore, Coming back stronger through another collaboration with the Egyptian musician Hisham Kharma and producing one of its kind music for Temraza’s fashion show in Milan, showcasing REBIRTH By TEMRAZA

Creating an international impact by the most important fashion magazines 

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